This application will allow you to export the path and altitude of a historic flight from FlightRadar24, and save it as a KML, GPX, TXT or CSV file allowing you to work with the map or simply play it back in Google Earth.

11/25/2015: Now you can convert from FR24 to GPX, TXT, CSV files as well as KML, preserving the timestamps to allow you to play the routes back in Google Earth! Try the different buttons below.

Simply obtain Flightradar24's flight code using the below instructions, then paste it into the box and click the button to download the flight in the format of your choosing.

By Flight Number By Aircraft Registration

Click the aircraft icon next to the flight you want:

In the URL bar, select the flight code after the # at the end and copy it:

Paste the flight code into the below box, then click Make it!


What to do now?

You could open the KML or GPX file in Google Earth

Convert the CSV or text data at

You could upload it to to allow you to create custom maps, or analyse the flight data

All data copyright of and based on their API..
Code is based on a Python script by Kenrick Turner.
Copyright 2014-2015 Noel Marsh-Giddings